Are you a giver or a taker?

If you found a briefcase full of dollar bills, would you take it? Would you give it to someone in need? Would you take half of it to yourself and give the other half to someone who really needs it? Or maybe you would look for the owner of the briefcase?
I don't know what would I do with those money. I know I could use them, but I couldn't take them from someone.
I think everyone loves gifts and something for free. It's really nice to be spoiled by someone. We love to receive a lot of presents on birthdays, Christmas', weddings and other great occasions. Now spending time with our family or friends just laughing, talking or eating good homemade food isn't that much important as presents. We actually wait for them and think 'What is this friend going to give me and what is my mum going to give me?'. And then when our birthday or other great celebration time comes and we see those presents, we aren't happy at all. We wanted something else.
We all became very fussy these days, especialy those who have more. Somehow people who have less, give more.

Sometimes it's really nice to give something to others just to put a smile on their faces. And we smile back! We are happy! We can give some person a supportive hug, a postcard which will complete a big collection or a little card which says 'Thinking of you' or 'Get well soon'.
The best things are the smallest.

Are you a giver or a taker?

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