Classic red lips.

Red lips are classic! I think the most popular star or celebrity, who had always red lipstick on was Marilyn Monroe. Then was Madonna, Gwen Stefani and now Rita Ora.

I don't blame them, because red lips are like magic, you don't need a full make up, only a bit of mascara and those red lips and you will always look gorgeous!

My favourite red lipstick is from Rimmel and it is a little bit shiny but not as much as gloss. I love it, because the colour is very rich and just beautiful. I use it a lot as you can see on pictures ;)

Some people are affraid of putting red lipstick on, because it is too much or it's very bold, but don't be! Experiment, give it a try and you'll love it!

What's your favourite lipstick? Please, don't hesitate to comment below :)

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