There's an elephant in the room.

Little babies are growing very fast and it is so nice to see them smiling and laughing, but it isn't always rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes our babies are under the weather and that time comes when they are teething.
There is so many sollutions to help your baby with the pain, but the most important is love, kisses and cuddles. And A LOT of patience.
My baby has four teeth and next two are coming out. I always try to calm him and hold him very close to my body just to help him with the pain.
Today we had this kind of day. It is really heartbreaking to see your little one in such pain. I gave him some rice pudding which was kept in home temperature and a little bit of cooled milk. I also gave him a soother, which helped for a while. You can always use some teething gel or teething ring taken straight out of the fridge.
When a babies are teething, they don't want to eat anything and they don't sleep very well too. Sometimes you can see redness on their cheeks and swollen gums. They might be feverish and have diarrhoea.
The best advice is cuddle, cuddle and... cuddle! 

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