Little boy's room ideas.

Ollie is moving to his own room soon! I can't believe that my little boy will be a toddler now! He is a very smart boy and so so cute and sweet that I want to kiss him all the time. I know that I'm lucky, because I have one healthy boy and this boy is growing up so fast that I really don't know when did that happen. During the first year he was sleeping in our bedroom, sometimes even in our bed. I think I will miss that and I don't really know how to move him to his own room - it would be weird in the beginning - but I think we all are going to be fine. We definitely would benefit from that, because we are going to have more space in our bedroom and also in our bed... And Ollie is going to be more independent and some of his toys could go to his room as well, because now we've got everything in our living room.
Decorating baby's room is a tough task, but I have a lot of ideas in my head of some modern decors and I wanted to share it with you. I love light and neutral colours in the house, but I also like some colourful accessories such as pillows, frames or blankets. I fell in love with paper storage bags and I think we're going to buy one. I am also thinking about Miffy bunny, I think it will suit Ollie's cheeky character. I would also like to make some activity corner or sensory boards in his room. What I don't like is baby blue colour, I don't know why but it's to bland for me and I didn't want Ollie's room to be all blue! First thought that I had was grey walls. Yes! But then I thought that white would be perfect and his room would look even bigger.
I don't know when my son is going to sleep in his own room, but I am starting to collect more and more pictures and inspirations and it's very exciting. I have picked a few so you could see what those ideas are.

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