Happy moments.

I have to admit that I was affraid of this whole motherhood, I didin't know how am I going to do this: changing nappies, feeding the baby etc. I wasn't scared of the labour, it was actually great! I had an epidural so it was quite good for me, but if you opt for no drugs during your labour - that's absolutely fine! 

Babies change our world, our lives - definitely! But I always knew I want to be a mum and I wanted it very soon. 
My life is almost complete now - I have a home to live in, a partner, a baby boy, a cat... Hmm maybe one more baby? A little girl? It would be perfect! But for now I am really happy and I live this moment. 

That's very important - to be happy now. Yes, dreams are important too, but we have to focus on the present moment, not past and future. 

I am still trying to enjoy little things in life, like a hug from your baby or a cute little smile... Nowadays it is hard to find a while just to enjoy 'now', without thinking of what we don't have or whish to have. I am still trying, but it's going great!

Kisses to you all x x

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