Baby essentials.

My baby is 10 month old and since he was a newborn we still use the same products.
We didn't want to use only one brand so we tried a few.
We've tried e-v-e-r-y single nappy brand in UK!  We've started from Aldi's Mamia, but our baby's bum was sore
so we bought Pampers and used it for couple of months. When Ollie was about 7 months old we wanted to check if we don't spend too much money just on a brand and not a poduct. We've tried ASDA's Little angels, Saintsbury's nappies, Aldi's (again), Tesco's nappies... OK, we haven't tried Morrison's nappies. Everything was great, I think Saintsbury's nappies was the comfiest ones and the prize was good too. But... Ollie had some redness down there, maybe it wasn't the nappy, but we changed back to Pampers! He still has some redness (not on the bum), but I think it's normal now that he is trying new 'adult' food...
Shampoo from Aldi that my baby is using was bought when he was still in my belly and he still didin't use that much. Maybe a half of it.
Powder is from Johnson's baby as well as his bath and body lotion.
For his little bum we have Sudocrem, which is great for me!
I think that's it about bathing/hygiene products.

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