Ollie at 14 months.

Ollie is 14 months old today and I thought I'm going to make a little update and think of what he can do now and think of some changes in his behaviour and development. It will be a great way to save those precious memories and go back to it in the future. I was thinking of making more updates, but maybe not every month. It could be very exciting though as I stopped writing down his new skills, changes etc. when he was one. Let's start then!

New skills:

  • Can wave "bye bye" and understands it in Polish and English.
  • Can blow a kiss!
  • Grabs some toy or uses his hand and pretends he's talking on the phone.
  • Can't walk yet (we didn't have a walker and we've waited for him to be ready. He does have push-walker now.), but he can walk holding our hands or even one hand.
  • Eats everything by himself with his hands.
  • Can clap and doeas it when we say "bravo".
  • Knows how to hold a remote, which looks very funny.
  • Says "mama" ALL the time.

  • Has already got 11 teeth.
  • Since he was one we introduced cow's milk to him and everything was fine (no allergy, rash etc.)
  • Loves cuddles!!!
  • Wears clothes for 12-18 months, but his babygros in this size are too small and we have to buy some for 18-24 months.
  • Still sleeps in his cot (sometimes in our bed) in our bedroom, because his room is still not ready. We keep a bed for guests in there and have ro move it somewhere else.
  • Already had his first haircut and he cried when a hairdresser used a razor, but it was all very quick.
  • May not be walking yet, but he loves to dance and likes dance and pop music!
  • Got addicted to his dummy and I don't know what to give him instead. Maybe you have some ideas?

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Family time and the best holiday ever.

Family time is important especially when you have children. And those little ones need their nanas and granddads to spoil them and give loads of kisses and cuddles. Our Ollie doesn't have his grandparents and aunts around (besides my sister, who lives 15 minutes away), because they live abroad, in Poland.
We went to Poland for holiday to spend some time with my partner's family and it was fantastic! Ollie spends every day with me and only me so I was wondering whether he's going to be scared of seeing that many people or not. My partner has a big family and Ollie met most of them for the first time (aunts, uncles and his cousin), but he was acting like he already knew them and was smiling all the time.
Ollie's granddad is a very musical person and can play on keyboard, guitar and accordion and Ollie was singing (or rather saying "aaaaa" and "oooo") and dancing with his grandmother and great-grandmother.
We've been there only for a couple of days but there was so much to do and so much fun that we wanted to stay longer. Our little one even rode a quad with us and he loved it!
I can't wait to go back there, but now we're waiting for my mum to come to us in early December and I'm just counting the days.

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5 toys for your toddler that you can find at home!

There is a lot of toys in stores, not only educational, but some activity toys or just simple teddies. You buy most of them for your child just to discover that he loves the small box you wanted to throw away or your necklace, which you won't wear again. Maybe when your partner has a day off!

Here's my top 5 toys for toddler, wich you can find at home and that are Ollie's best toys ever:

  • Baby wipes! - When you realise that your baby likes to 'play' with them and is occupied for at least 5 minutes you won't care that you'll have to put every single wipe back to the packaging or if it's really dirty - throw it away, you will just cherrish these beautiful 5 minutes of piece.
  • Remote - Imagine that your toddler is tall enough to see what's on a table and is winging and saying 'mama', then screaming 'mama' repeatedly. Will you give up and give him this bloody remote and have another 5 minutes of piece or will you hide it and then take a paracetamol for your headacke? Don't worry that your toddler will put it in his mouth when you are sipping your hot (!) coffee. You wanted some picece and quite, right?
  • Wooden spoons, pans ect. - Children like noisy toys especially things they can find in a cupboard. You wanted some piece again? Not this time, hun! But you can drink that hot coffee now, because your little one is enjoying his new toy. For now.
  • Make up bag. - You have to put a make up on sometimes not to scare your neighbours or a lady in a shop you visit every day. But what if you're taking care of your wild one by yourself, your bathroom is upstairs and your toddler does not like when you leave him alone? Then you have to take him to the bathroom with you and let him play with your powder brush which touched every inch of a toilet floor...
  • Mobile phone. - It's colourful, it plays music or cartoons and you can of course put it in your mouth and hit against the floor. It's for those who are tired as hell and maybe they can't wake up in a second at 6 am when their child wants to play. I have to admit that I was against this method, but sometimes you need drastic methods ;)

Do you agree? What are your top 5 toys for your little one? :)
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Colours of fall and my first time with black jeans!

Can you find one piece of clothing that you never ever worn before? Maybe you were affraid of buying it, because it may not suit you or you just haven't thought of this item at all? If yes, I'm in the same boat. I can tell you that I was always a type of girl who liked comfort so jeans were my best friend for life, but I've never worn black ones. Can you believe it? I always thought that black is so depressing and doesn't suit me, that I've never even tried it on, but I wanted to try something new and I gave it a go. It was a great decision!
Autumn can be a bit depressing, but  with a little help of highstreet shops (or designer shops, if you want!) we can change our attitute by adding some colour to our wardrobe. I chose this orange shirt, which I didin't LOVE at the beginning, but I've decided to keep it and now I think that it's a great colour for autumn and it's perfect with black jeans. I think that fashion means experimenting with clothes, but you also have to feel comfortable in clothes you wear. It's you that wear clothes, not the other way around.

What colours are you going to choose for autumn?

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