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My son is getting older and I want him to be an active, healthy and happy baby. He loves to play with his car and likes to push the wheels of his pram, so we thought that little bike or rather trike would be perfect for his birthday, which will be exactly in 6 days! 
On UK sites there were only few colours of this SmarTrike, even on Ebay or Amazon. I didin't like blue one from Argos, so my fiance chose this grey one from Smyths and I love it! 
This tricycle is 5 in 1 and is from 10 months old till 3 years! It has a storage bag where you can keep all of baby/toddler essentials such as nappies, wipes, toys etc. It also has a little bag attatched to the handle, where you can put your phone  for instance (blogger never leaves a house without one!). There's a canopy as well which protects from UV radiation, a little storage at the back of a tricycle and a bottle holder in the front. The best feature here is 360 degrees wheel, which helps you turn smoothly in every direction you want to go. Although from what I've experienced so far (we've been using it for about a week or so) you can't walk too fast when pushing this tricycle, because first wheel will be turning and stopping you suddenly which is quite dangerous when you are about to cross the street. I don't know if I like this special wheel, I would rather have a normal wheel like in the back. 
SmarTrike is very light which is very important when you have steps to your house like I do (only two but still). It is perfect for long walks in summer or other season of the year, even when it's time for your baby's nap! It has reclined seat which is great when your baby is tired or wants to relax a bit. 
My son is very happy and glad that we bought him a SmarTrike. Although he is still a little baby you can see that he likes it! It was a first gift that he enjoyed so much an that makes me and my partner happy too!
If you are wondering what to buy for your son or daughter for first or second birthday or even Christmas you can consider buying a tricycle. It will last for a long time and it's almost like a stroller. I think I won't buy any stroller now.

SmarTrike - Smyths

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