Baby, it's cold outside.

Autumn is coming whether we want it or not. Some of us are a bit sad or maybe happy, because they have to put their uniforms on again (or for the first time ever) and learn how to write an essay, discover that from a chemical point of view human body consists of 60% of water, or that Earth revolves around the Sun. Some of us have the same feelings about the weather, which is going to change and you won't be sunbathing for 2 hours anymore or showing off your six pack. Unless you live on a tropical island or other warm place!
I like this time of the year, because we spend more time with our family and friends. We go to cinema to warm up a little bit, we pick some new, cosy blankets, we talk, we bake, we drink loads of tea - I prefer a tea without milk and maybe a fruity one, because I'm Polish, aren't I? In Poland where I come from we don't have that strong black tea like it is in England so we don't have to add milk to it and I think it is also some kind of tradition, but enough about tea! 
I feel blessed that I live near water and I have those amazing spots in my town. I can sit on a bench and just watch the Mersey river and people jogging with or without dogs, children riding bikes or mums chatting with each other. I like those people who don't know me at all and just smile or start a conversation. Not that I am so interesting, what I meant by that is that people here are very open and friendly. And the view is gorgeous, especially in Wales!
Autumn is a very special time, there's colorful leaves, chestnuts (when I was younger I was collecting chestnuts and making little puppets from chestnuts and matches). 
In autumn we also pick different colour of our clothes, or maybe it's just me. I like burgundy as well as khaki, but I also like caramel-coloured clothes. Today it's one of them. I hope you'll like it!

Which season of the year do you like and why?

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