Ollie's first birthday + my birth story.

My big boy is ONE today!!! I can't believe that he is so big. He is a very smart little man and my life wouldn't be the same without him. Sometimes it's hard to take care of him by myself with no family members around (only my sister is here), but it's the best job ever!
When Ollie was born it was my sister's birthday so it was the best gift I could get for her. We were all so happy that he is finally here. My mum came to us from Poland for 10 days especially to see Ollie and help me after giving birth. She came around 3pm and brought Polish food of course; we were talking, laughing, eating, picking first outfit for Ollie and then about 11pm I said that I have a pain similar to period pains. We went to hospital and Ollie was born on the next day at 12:12.
I thought that I will stay 2 or 3 days and my mum is going to take care of her grandson a bit and I was happy that she is going to see him on those first days. Unfortunately I lost a lot of blood so I had to stay longer and then Ollie was jaundiced and then he had some infection. Perfect! I was so angry and sad and happy at the same time. I stayed 8 full days at the hospital, what a nightmare. I was taking care of Ollie all by myself and it was a bit scary because I was new at this, but I had to learn how to change him and feed him and I did great!
I was watching everyone leaving the hospital and at the end of my stay I was feeling so much better that I was helping every mum there, which wasn't able to lift her baby or was taking a shower etc. Hospital staff was great and very nice and helpful. Food was good, I even got to eat ice cream, but for lunch we had some soups which I didn't like.
I feel great as a mum and I couldn't be happier. I always wanted to be a mum and I think I am doing great. Maybe I don't have a lot of times without a baby, when I can go to the cinema or to a girls party, but I wouldn't change my life for anything.
My son is a toddler now and I can't wait to see him developing and discovering his world. It's an interesting experience for a parent to be in those moments when your child is taking his first steps or saying first words and I am happy that I am a stay-at-home mum at the moment.
Happy birthday, my cutie pie!


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