Everybody needs one.
I always choose clothes that are bold and colorful and then I can't match them with anything,
So I picked classic white sweater to have more ideas of what to wear with it.
I like this V-neck sweater, because it is perfect for summer. You can wear it with jeans or a skirt and you always look great. And, it's also warm and soft, ideal for romantic winter evenings by the fireplace.
When I'm at home I like to wear comfortable clothes such as jeans, nice T-shirts or skater dresses.
I like all kinds of styles, I feel good in LBD and stilettos or a plain T-shirt, jeans and converse.
According to the bottom of my outfit... I just love jeans! I never have enough of them.
They're so simple and classic. Everything looks good with jeans, even denim jacket.
I think jeans will never get bored or vanish from fashion world. It is a real classic.

What is your favourite outfit?

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