Yeast cake with roasted apples.

Today's recipe is very simple to do, even if you aren't a professional baker.
I made it only once and it was good and yummy.
I made yeast cakes few times, I made pizza base and sweet buns so I didn't have a problem with yeast, but if you are doing it for the first time, maybe ask someone to help you.
And remember - don't stress if it you won't succeed, you can always do it again and again.

Ingredients for a tray 32 x 22 cm:
1 cup of milk
110 g of melted butter
1/3 cup of sugar
2 eggs
10 g of fast rising yeast
1/4 teaspoon of salt
3,5 cup of bread flour or plain flour
1 jar of roasted apples
walnuts (I skipped that ingredient)

Mix flour and yeast in a bowl, add the rest of ingredients, adding melted butter in the end.
Knead it until you have a smooth ball of dough and it isn't sticky.
Put it into a bowl with a little bit of flour inside.
Leave it for 1,5 hour in warm place and cover it with some cloth or tea towel.

When your dough is ready just knead it a little. Take your baking tray and put some baking paper in it or just spread butter on the tray and sprinkle some flour - it's the same.
Roll out your dough to a rectangle 35 x 40 cm adding a little bit of flour.
Put roasted apples on kneaded dough (I didn't have a jar or roasted apples so I put 1 kg apples into a pan and made it myself). Leave 2 cm on each side.
Roll whole dough with the filling in one big log (I called it a snail...).
Cut your log with a sharp knife into 15 pieces to make little (also) snail-like buns.
Put your buns close to each other and sprinkle walnuts on top.
Leave it in warm place for 30-45 minutes covered with tea towel.

Bake it for 20-35 minutes in 180 degrees. Put it onto an oven shelf and wait till it's cool.
Put some icing on it.*

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of one slice of this cake, but it looked great and tasted even better!

Enjoy :)

*Recipe from www.mojewypieki.com

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