Salmon recipe for lunch

Hi everyone!

Today's lunch recipe is very simple to do and very, very healthy.

100g of salmon
1 mozzarella ball
1 tomato
70f of rocket salad (I have added almost whole packet)
lemon juice

 I have also added flaked almonds and sunflower seeds.

First, reheat the oven to 180 degrees.
Wash salmon filet, squeeze some lemon juice on top and add a little bit of salt and pepper.
Take a small dish (I had lasagne dish) and put a little bit of butter on it.
Place the samon in your dish and then if the temperature is ok, put it into the oven for just 12 minutes on 180 degrees.
Put rocket salad and sliced tomato and mozzarella on your plate.
Take the salmon off the oven and place it onto your place with rocked salad, tomato and mozzarella. Then you can add some salt and pepper for dressing and voila!

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