Colours of fall and my first time with black jeans!

Can you find one piece of clothing that you never ever worn before? Maybe you were affraid of buying it, because it may not suit you or you just haven't thought of this item at all? If yes, I'm in the same boat. I can tell you that I was always a type of girl who liked comfort so jeans were my best friend for life, but I've never worn black ones. Can you believe it? I always thought that black is so depressing and doesn't suit me, that I've never even tried it on, but I wanted to try something new and I gave it a go. It was a great decision!
Autumn can be a bit depressing, but  with a little help of highstreet shops (or designer shops, if you want!) we can change our attitute by adding some colour to our wardrobe. I chose this orange shirt, which I didin't LOVE at the beginning, but I've decided to keep it and now I think that it's a great colour for autumn and it's perfect with black jeans. I think that fashion means experimenting with clothes, but you also have to feel comfortable in clothes you wear. It's you that wear clothes, not the other way around.

What colours are you going to choose for autumn?

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