Great news!

For every parent a child's smile is everything, because we know that our baby is healthy and happy.
When I was pregnant I couldn't wait for an ultrasound to find out the sex of my baby. I think everyone is excited about it, but the most important thing is whether our baby is healthy and developing well. I was so happy when everything was fine. I was happy when I gave birth to my 8 pounds baby and when a nurse checked his ears and everything. He was perfect. Face, hands, feet, his cute, innie belly button. I could go like that forever. His weight was great, he was ill few times, but it was never that bad. 
I got worried when I noticed that he's got a lazy eye or something, but me and my partner thought that it will pass. It didn't so we booked an appointment at the eye clinic. Everything turned out just fine. One of his eye is a little bit smaller than the other so sometimes his eye may look like a lazy eye. I can't explain it really. We have to book an appointment in a year just for a check up. Ollie is a healthy little boy and I couldn't be happier!

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