Ollie at 14 months.

Ollie is 14 months old today and I thought I'm going to make a little update and think of what he can do now and think of some changes in his behaviour and development. It will be a great way to save those precious memories and go back to it in the future. I was thinking of making more updates, but maybe not every month. It could be very exciting though as I stopped writing down his new skills, changes etc. when he was one. Let's start then!

New skills:

  • Can wave "bye bye" and understands it in Polish and English.
  • Can blow a kiss!
  • Grabs some toy or uses his hand and pretends he's talking on the phone.
  • Can't walk yet (we didn't have a walker and we've waited for him to be ready. He does have push-walker now.), but he can walk holding our hands or even one hand.
  • Eats everything by himself with his hands.
  • Can clap and doeas it when we say "bravo".
  • Knows how to hold a remote, which looks very funny.
  • Says "mama" ALL the time.

  • Has already got 11 teeth.
  • Since he was one we introduced cow's milk to him and everything was fine (no allergy, rash etc.)
  • Loves cuddles!!!
  • Wears clothes for 12-18 months, but his babygros in this size are too small and we have to buy some for 18-24 months.
  • Still sleeps in his cot (sometimes in our bed) in our bedroom, because his room is still not ready. We keep a bed for guests in there and have ro move it somewhere else.
  • Already had his first haircut and he cried when a hairdresser used a razor, but it was all very quick.
  • May not be walking yet, but he loves to dance and likes dance and pop music!
  • Got addicted to his dummy and I don't know what to give him instead. Maybe you have some ideas?

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