Family time and the best holiday ever.

Family time is important especially when you have children. And those little ones need their nanas and granddads to spoil them and give loads of kisses and cuddles. Our Ollie doesn't have his grandparents and aunts around (besides my sister, who lives 15 minutes away), because they live abroad, in Poland.
We went to Poland for holiday to spend some time with my partner's family and it was fantastic! Ollie spends every day with me and only me so I was wondering whether he's going to be scared of seeing that many people or not. My partner has a big family and Ollie met most of them for the first time (aunts, uncles and his cousin), but he was acting like he already knew them and was smiling all the time.
Ollie's granddad is a very musical person and can play on keyboard, guitar and accordion and Ollie was singing (or rather saying "aaaaa" and "oooo") and dancing with his grandmother and great-grandmother.
We've been there only for a couple of days but there was so much to do and so much fun that we wanted to stay longer. Our little one even rode a quad with us and he loved it!
I can't wait to go back there, but now we're waiting for my mum to come to us in early December and I'm just counting the days.

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