Organisation is everything.

I didn't realize that I had a lot of time to myself and my partner... until I had a baby. Especially now, when Ollie is crowling around the house and everything is interesting to him and sometimes it's dangerous (cables, cubbords, stairs, cat, etc.) I have noticed that I have to organise a time for myself and think when can I take a shower or do the make up. I was always that type of girl that was comfortable with a little bit of make up or with no make up on at all but everyone needs to pamper themself from time to time. Now everything is more difficult, but I like to be organized and I think I'm doing pretty good. Ollie is a really good boy and I can't complain. 
My bathroom is upstairs so when I want to do the make up I take Ollie with me and I close the door so he won't go near stairs or to our bedroom and he can play with my make up brushes or my lipstics as well! It's so funny seing him taking everything out of my make up bag and putting everything gracefully down on the floor. And after a while mummy's done! 
Sometimes I don't have a time for shower or I am so tired that I skip one, but I try to wash my hair every day (I have a problem with oily hair so I have to wash it very often) and Ollie is helping me. It takes only 5 minutes! Unfortunatelly Ollie wants only mummy and wants to be with me all the time and hates being in his travel cot downstairs by himself so I take him with me everywhere but not when I am going to pee haha! There has to be some boundaries, right?
We're doing cleaning together as well as cooking and doing laundry. I'm doing more cleaning when he's asleep or I'm preparing something for my blog. When my fiance is at home he is cooking for us or looking after Ollie so I have a time to cook something nice and healthy for dinner. He is also cleaning on weekends and making breakfasts sometimes so I can be a bit lazy when Ollie is sleeping!
Shopping is daddy's responsibility, because he has a car and he can buy everything after work. We are doing weekly shopping, because it's better for our wallet and we don't waste so much time on shopping. Only if we need to do a small shopping I'm taking Ollie with me to a local Tesco and then we are going to a playground so it's 2in1.
As you can see you can do a lot having a baby or a toddler and being on your own (when your partner is at work). Organization is everything!

Blouse - Primark
Jeans - River Island
Necklace - Primark

T-Shirt - George
Trousers - Primark
Socks -Primark

What do you do to keep your baby/toddler busy?

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