Mini parka for a toddler - my must have for winter.

I've recently welcomed autumn into my life and I think we liked each other and I am even looking forward to winter (shocker!). Couple days ago, when I was looking at Ollie I was daydreaming about what is yet to come. I was thinking about dark, winter evening walks with our small family, Christmas lights on trees or fences, smiley faces all aroud. I can't wait for Christmas time this year. Last year was quite busy, because my partner finished his work about 8pm and we quickly ate something and went to visit our friends on Christmas Eve (in Poland we actually celebrate Christmas for 3 days: 24th, 25th and 26th of December) and Ollie was such a small baby, that he didn't know what is happening, but now it's going to be different and I'm more excited now.

Babies and toddlers have to be prepared for winter so my sister got Ollie a nice and warm parka for his birthday. I think it will suit either to jeans, chinos or sweat pants. It is very comfortable for a baby, so your little one can crowl around in it or have fun on a playground. It also has a nice, big hood so when it's rainy, windy or cold, your little one won't feel a thing.
I like to dress Ollie a bit stylish, but not so grown up (no loose pants or chains or something uncomfortable!), so I loved this faux fur lining on a hood of the parka as well as the khaki colour, it's so in right now!

Do you see this cheeky smile? I think he likes it.

Parka - Primark
Sweat pants - Primark
Spiderman trainers - George

Is your little one prepared for winter yet? What's your must haves?

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