How to get your toddler to eat more solids?

It is obvious that your baby needs milk even if he is on solids already. Milk is very important in baby's diet. From 6 months babies can be introduced to solid food and then after some time they can slowly drink less and less milk. But what if your toddler wants only milk and nothing else?
Only a couple days ago Ollie was drinking milk even every two or three hours and I thought that it's not normal, I thought that he should eat more veggies and fruit, but he didn't want anything, even yogurt! 
My son is teething since he was 4 months old and from that time he's getting more and more teeth and a teething baby is a fussy baby so he was eating everything but it was changing all the time. Once he was eating every meal with us and then he didn't want his favourite yogurt or fruit.
Couple days ago Ollie got a flu so again - he didn't want to eat anything and then we gave him new growing up milk. It was all crazy. We should give him at least 2 x 150ml a day (that's what it says on formula) and I was worried that he needs more... I didn't know whether he can drink 4 or 5 x 150ml milk a day. He is a 1 year old now so I was getting some information about it and voila! In one day I managed to change his habbits from drinking mostly milk to eating more solids and I give him milk 3 times a day now! First bottle of milk is in the morning, then after a bath around 7pm and then at night. 
How did I do it? I've stopped giving milk to him! Yes it's that simple! If your little one doesn't want his meal, that is fine, but DO NOT give him milk!* Instead try to give him more water or juice in between meals. I know it is a bit drastic metod, but your toddler needs to feel hunger and then he will eat the next food you'll give him.
He will cry and whine, but just ignore it. I was shoked that it worked so fast on Ollie. Now we are about to give up formula and give him cow's milk instead. It's healthier and a lot cheapper too. Wish me luck!

*Ask your GP for advice, if you're worried about your little one's diet, I'm not an expert, but it worked on Ollie.

What advice could you give to parents of milk drinkers/milk addicts? ;) 
Let me know in comments below! 

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